The NBA Champions Celebrate With A Lot Of Beer

The road to the NBA championship is certainly a long one—a journey full of trials and tribulations that average people like us honestly can’t really comprehend. Pro basketball players spend countless hours in the gym every single day of the year just to have a shot at winning the coveted title. So when they finally do, it is understandably an emotional moment (see: Lebron James Crying). But once the initial emotions subside, what players care about most is celebrating. And yes, that means drinking.

Typically, when the trophy ceremony ends, players make their way back to the locker room to have the traditional champagne party. However, this year it was a little bit different; beer was incorporated into the mix. One of the Cavaliers best players, Kevin Love, was filmed pouring two beers onto his face with an Austin 3:16 shirt on (reference to wrestler “Stone Cold” Steve Austin). The move wasn’t exactly honoring a tradition of the NBA. To us, it seems like Kevin Love just loves beer and wrestling.

But the beer drinking didn’t stop with Love’s face wash. Two days later, a good portion of the team went over to teammate Matthew Dellavedova’s crib and played drinking games with nothing other than good ol’ PBR and Corona. From beer pong to flip cup, these championship caliber athletes were tossing back Solo cup after Solo cup (though we’d have to imagine some of them had decent shooting percentages in beer pong). Who knows when the drinking will end, but hopefully soon, since showing up to training camp with a beer belly doesn’t sound like a smart move.

Here is a photo of power forward Channing Frye mid-beer pong shot:


Yo Channing, elbows dude!