Enjoying a round of golf isn’t cheap when you factor in membership costs, equipment, and a celebratory round of drinks post-game. It’s no surprise, then, that unexpected expenses aren’t welcomed by players.

A New York golf course recently introduced a policy to charge corkage fees on members’ alcohol and a breathalyzer test needed to opt out of the charges, according to CBS Sports. Buffalo Tournament Club reversed the controversial rule nearly immediately, citing negative feedback both from visiting members and social media users.

“In line with the current state of events and based on direct feedback from our patrons, we have updated our policy to provide the most user-friendly experience for our valued guests,” the course’s website states.

According to the now-nixed policy shared by a user on Twitter, visitors at the Buffalo Tournament Club in Lancaster, N.Y. were allowed to bring their own bottles in lieu of a traditional drink cart — with a catch. The club mandated an automatic corkage fee of $5 while playing 18 holes and $3 for a half-game. While visitors weren’t able to opt out of the fee, golfers were permitted to take a breathalyzer test post-game for $1. If the breathalyzer found the player didn’t imbibe, the corkage fee and breathalyzer fee were to be refunded.

While corkage fees aren’t uncommon at higher-end golf courses, the Buffalo Tournament Club’s approach of charging every player (as well as conducting breathalyzer tests) is more outlandish. The policy stirred quite the controversy online, as some users called it “absolute madness” while others noted the strangeness of the policy over a seemingly tedious fee.