Goat Yoga Beer is Here
Photo via Goat Yoga

Oregon is a land filled opportunity. There’s simply no other explanation why three very different worlds: the world of yoga, the world of goats, and the world of beer.

That’s right. The most popular goat yoga practice in Oregon, No Regrets Farm, partnered with Yachats Brewing and Claim 52 Brewing for a Goat Yoga Brett IPA, OregonLive reports. But lets start from the top.

Goat yoga is when people head onto a field and downward dog in a herd of goats. Literally: Goat. Yoga. And although the beer is named after Goat Yoga, it does not include goats, Lainey Morse, the owner of No Regrets Farm, told OregonLive.

“It doesn’t actually have any goat hair or saliva in it!” Morse said. “They were just having some fun with it, and I thought it was awesome because A. I love beer and B. I love Goat Yoga!”

Sound too niche? Wrong. Morse had a waiting list of more than 900 in January. The only problem is that goats aren’t exactly compliant with state law. Morse stopped classes on her farm due to zoning rules. She is working to get goat yoga onto the Oregon State University campus and trying to take over Emerson Vineyards with a “Sunset Goat Yoga & Wine Tasting” in the spring. The possibilities are endless (once you get around those pesky zoning laws). This is way more intense than your every day beer yoga.

But back to the beer. Goat Yoga sits at a comfortable 6.5 percent alcohol by volume. There’s brettanomyces yeast involved, so presumably it has a little bit of farmhouse funk — totally appropriate for the goat theme. Of course, yoga and goat play is not required to enjoy the beer. Just hit the child’s pose and drink up, no rectangle-eyed monsters included.