Photo via BierYoga / Facebook

Few things relax the body and soul like beer and yoga. But often, there’s often a social line drawn between the two. Sure, enterprising young hippies and yuppies have always been able crack open a local brew after an especially intense session of hot yoga, but cooling off with a beer while doing hot yoga? Madness. Or is it?

A yoga studio called BierYoga in Berlin, Germany, combines the two in a whole new way. And don’t take it lightly; as the BierYoga website says, it’s “fun but it’s no joke — we take the philosophies of yoga and pair it with the pleasure of beer-drinking to reach your highest level of consciousness.”

The idea came from Burning Man in the desert of America, co-founder Jhula told Vice. If there’s anything a bunch of rich yuppies and trust fund kids can take credit for, of course it’s something like beer yoga.

Each BierYoga participant finishes two beers over an hour of yoga. There are beer salutations, balancing beer bottles on your head, and other beer drinking moves that have been incorporated into traditional yoga poses. According to Mashable, it’s spread to Australia, but most places in the United States do yoga and then drink beer.

Don’t have time or the money to make it to Berlin? Why not just do some beer yoga of your own. Might we suggest innovating poses like the down-your-beer dog, or the child pose chug. Hell, if it’s been a long day, you might as well do some drunk swaying tree. Namaste beer loving yogis; the world is your yoga mat.