Ryan Reynolds loves gin. In 2018, he bought his own gin company, Aviation Gin.  A new commercial for the brand features the “Deadpool” star himself, along with a special surprise guest.

The commercial begins in true Reynolds form, dramatically sarcastic. Slow motion shots of a candle-lit location fade, and Reynolds appears, apron-clad, with the following question: “How far would you go for your company?”

Hand-blowing glass bottles in front of a fiery oven, Reynolds explains he’s had a “hands-on approach” since buying Aviation. (See what he did there?)

“When Aviation recently suggested on making a signature bottle, I committed to blowing every single bottle personally and then engraving them by hand,” he says. “Because can you ever really go too far for your company?” Reynolds continues. “I just don’t think it’s possible.”

In some cases, though, you can. Enter Andy King, star of the Netflix documentary “Fyre Festival: The Greatest Party That Never Happened.”

If you have no idea who we are talking about, let us refresh your memory on a man who was willing to go much further than the extra mile for his company.

In the wildly popular documentary, King recalls the story of being asked to perform oral sex on a customs officer in exchange for water bottles for the disastrous Fyre Festival’s attendees. He became a meme sensation upon the documentary’s release, and is still riding the wave.

See it for yourself here.