The “hardest hard seltzer in the universe” has arrived.

Last week the Chicago-based beverage company Phusion Projects officially launched a Four-Loko-branded hard seltzer, clocking in at 12-percent ABV and sold in 23.5-ounce single-serve cans, Brewbound reports.

Four Loko teased a foray into the hard seltzer category earlier this summer, and the potential release quickly went viral across social media platforms. Due to the unexpected and overwhelming response, the company decided to expedite the product’s launch to 2019.

“When we first posted about it on Four Loko’s social channels, we had no idea the response would be as massive as it was,” Jaisen Freeman, Phusion Project’s co-CEO said in a press release.

While most boozy seltzers range between 4- and 5-percent ABV, Four Loko is not the first brand to experiment with higher alcohol levels. Earlier this year, Pabst Brewing marketed a similar product, Stronger Seltzer, to a much smaller market of only four states.

Four Loko Hard Seltzer is currently offered in one flavor, Black Cherry, though three more are slated for release in the spring.