Americans around the country dealing with self-isolation may be longing for companionship. Animal shelters, meanwhile, are struggling to stay open and find homes for the pets in their care. Now, Busch Beer is hoping to help remedy both situations.

From now until April 22, Busch is offering a three-month supply of beer to anyone who fosters or adopts a dog from Minneapolis-based shelter Midwest Animal Rescue & Services (MARS). In addition to all the beer, Busch is also making a $25,000 donation to MARS.

Anyone interested in helping a four-legged friend find a temporary (or forever) home, and getting some beer to boot, can fill out an application at the MARS website, marking Busch in the referral. Potential pet parents can also learn more about the “Foster a Dog, Get Busch” partnership at Busch’s website.

As a reminder to those thinking of applying: All pet owners should practice safe social distancing measures while going on walks. (Dogs, thankfully, can’t contract Covid-19.) And for those planning on bringing their free beers along for the walk, be sure to check your local open container laws before leaving the house.