Coffee Made With Whiskey

Coffee publication Sprudge brings us the story of a new company that’s trying to sell a coffee brewed in whiskey:

Fliquor Bean is an LA-based startup that’s been working since 2013 to help coffee lovers get better at, well, getting correct. Founded by Jerry Defazio, a New York native who moved from Texas to LA seeking work in television broadcasting, Fliquor was a natural outgrowth of Defazio’s dedicated experimentation with Irish coffee, a necessary side project to breaking into the industry. The result of his tinkering is a concoction with the flavor and caffeine content of cold brew coffee and the gentle, loving bite of 90-proof whiskey. Fliquor Bean is said to be best served directly over ice (or in a boot), but can be enhanced with simple syrup and cream if you swing that way.

Intrigued? Here are the details:

What’s the secret? Basically, Fliquor brews coffee with whiskey instead of water. A batch of Fliquor takes 12-14 hours, much like a cold brew, and currently relies on small-batch processing, though Defazio dreams big of large-scale batches of his boozy brew in the not-too-distant future.

And when would one drink this boozy brew?

Not one to stifle his enthusiasm, Defazio’s also made claims on his Twitter that Fliquor Bean is a “magical cure for writer’s block” and is well-suited for picnics, Irish funerals, and simply drinking alone.

Learn more at Sprudge or head over to Fliquor Bean’s official website.

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