Most Americans are favoring Margaritas to sip at happy hour, a report by the agency TOP Marketing has revealed.

A total of 22 states report the tequila-based tipple as their drink of choice, according to the agency’s survey analysis. The Martini reigns as the top-favored happy hour drink in coastal states such as California and New York. Nationwide, Cosmos, Piña Coladas and other breezy drinks appear in other states’ top drink favorites.

In addition, the agency shares that happy hours themselves are picking up nationwide compared to the start of the pandemic. There’s a stark 54 percent uptick in happy hour visits, with North Dakota recording the highest number of bar visits per 100,000 residents. The northern state clocks in at 22.4 visits per capita.

The marketing agency, which serves high-visibility brands such as Microsoft and Budweiser, compiled the data from online retail trends, GPS tracking at bars, and survey responses from 1,000 Americans.

Given that the analysis includes data from only 1,000 respondents, it only highlights a very small slice of U.S. residents’ preferences. Still, the results could be an indication of larger industry trends.
What is your state’s favorite happy hour order, per this methodology? Keep reading below to learn the top drink in each state.

State Most Popular Cocktail
Alabama Piña Colada
Arizona Piña Colada
Alaska Old Fashioned
Arkansas Bloody Mary
California Martini
Colorado Margarita
Connecticut Piña Colada
Delaware Bloody Mary
Florida Margarita
Georgia Margarita
Hawaii Piña Colada
Idaho Piña Colada
Illinois Margarita
Indiana Margarita
Iowa Martini
Kansas Bloody Mary
Kentucky Margarita
Louisiana Margarita
Maine Piña Colada
Maryland Margarita
Massachusetts Martini
Michigan Margarita
Minnesota Piña Colada
Mississippi Martini
Missouri Margarita
Montana Cosmopolitan
Nebraska Bloody Mary
Nevada Margarita
New Hampshire Margarita
New Jersey Margarita
New Mexico Margarita
New York Martini
North Carolina Margarita
North Dakota Martini
Ohio Margarita
Oklahoma Piña Colada
Oregon Margarita
Pennsylvania Piña Colada
Rhode Island Margarita
South Carolina Margarita
South Dakota Cosmopolitan
Tennessee Margarita
Texas Margarita
Utah Bloody Mary
Vermont Piña Colada
Virginia Margarita
Washington Margarita
West Virginia Martini
Wisconsin Bloody Mary
Wyoming Old Fashioned