With people around the country (and world) staying home due to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, some have started getting creative with their efforts to stay healthy during the pandemic.

Last week, a drink known as the “Quarantini” — a mixture of Emergen-C vitamin C supplement, and vodka or gin — began making the rounds on social media, with numerous people posting their own spins on the cocktail.

One twitter user, @MStarkloff, tagged both Aviation Gin and the company’s owner, actor Ryan Reynolds, in her Quarantini photo.

Aviation Gin responded approvingly of the cocktail, writing: “We’re sorry about this @emergenc but also big fans.”

Emergen-C’s response was less playful, reminding readers, “We do not recommend taking any of our products with alcohol.”

Aviation later followed Emengen-C’s lead, offering its own note of caution:

Ryan Reynolds, meanwhile, gave his own official statement, writing, “Do NOT drink alcohol if you are feeling under the weather please.”

While studies have shown that moderate levels of alcohol consumption may aid in immune responses, heavy drinking can have the opposite effect.

Ultimately, while a cocktail can help take the sting out of being stuck at home, it most certainly should not be viewed as an effective substitute for medicine or cleaning and sanitation products.