Beer runs of the future could be completely automated.

A driverless truck recently hauled over one million pounds of Mexican beer across the state of Texas, according to Bloomberg. It’s part of a months-long test run with autonomous Waymo trucking vehicles.

Constellation, the massive drinks conglomerate that owns brands such as Modelo and Corona, is using driverless trucking software to transport its beers. Alphabet Inc.’s driverless vehicle Waymo recently transported stock from Houston to Dallas using trucking companies C.H. Robinson Worldwide Inc. and Waymo Via. The pilot program, which began in April, involves over 220 miles of driving each day.

Currently, a driver sits behind the Waymo wheel for safety as the trucks navigate the often foggy and rainy Texas highways. In the future, this might not be the case; a Waymo representative tells Bloomberg that completely automated vehicles could be a reality in the next few years.

The recent pilot trips were successful; during the test’s duration, there was no recorded swerving or sudden braking. As wet weather conditions and unexpected bugs could pose a problem for driverless trucking, this outlook was extremely optimistic.

The future of beer transit is looking bright.

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