Oat milk has become one of the biggest milk trends in recent years. Now, that trend is creeping into the beer world as Dogfish Head Craft Brewery is set to release Hazy-O!, an oat milk hazy IPA.

The Delaware brewery announced the oat milk beer on its website on Wednesday. The new IPA is made with four types of oats: malted, rolled, naked, and milked (of course). The milked oats give the beer its haze and “silky soft, creamy mouthfeel,” according to the brewery.

“Oat milk is definitely having a zeitgeist moment right now in the culinary world,” Dogfish Head founder Sam Calagione told Food & Wine. “There are lots of hazy IPAs out there now, but finding true points of differentiation in this style category isn’t easy, and we think we hit the bullseye in that regard.”

Dogfish Head brewers worked on the brew for over a year, bringing in a group of “oat milk scientists” to help perfect the beer’s finish.

“[They] have developed a unique extraction process that allows them to produce a very pure oat milk compared to competitors; no added gums or emulsifiers,” Calagione adds. “Just pure natural goodness.”

Hazy-O! arrives at 7.1-percent ABV, and will be available nationwide in six-packs of 12-ounce cans starting in February 2021. Lucky visitors of Dogfish Head’s tasting rooms in Milton and Rehoboth, Del., however, can get their hands on the offering starting Friday.