Catching a foul ball is a rite of passage for baseball fans. Better yet is catching a foul ball in your beer, which apparently comes with its own ritual: Chugging that beer.

The latest to be initiated into this elite club is a Cubs fan, who caught a foul in his beer at Chicago’s Wrigley field last night, and immediately chugged that ish, NBC Sports Chicago reports. Cubs Talk (@NBCSCubs) tweeted a video of the uproarious occasion, saying, “At Wrigley, it’s ALWAYS happy hour!”

One mathematically inclined Twitter user was less than impressed.

We hear you, JS. Nevertheless, it’s always fun to watch someone chug a beer. Or, at least, more fun that watching baseball. Oh!

Congrats to the Cubs, who gave Chad (we’re calling the chugger Chad) something to celebrate; the Cubs beat the Mets seven to four.