A New Hampshire distillery is using spirits to help solve a fishy environmental challenge. To combat harm caused by the invasive green crab, Tamworth Distillery launched a limited-edition whiskey, called Crab Trapper, that’s actually infused with the species.

The green crab arrived to the east coast from Europe in the 1800s, quickly competing with native crabs for resources. Shellfish and soft clam populations have been particularly hard-hit by the green crab’s takeover.

After the green crabs are harvested, they’re boiled into a stock and seeped into the bourbon base alongside spices and a corn mix. During the later distillation process, strong seafood aromas are removed and the whiskey is left with a light, pleasantly briny aroma. Nearly a pound of crab is used in each bottle of Crab Trapper.

Tamworth founder Steven Grasse compares the spicy, briny spirit to Fireball, and tells Delish that he works with fisheries specialist and NH Green Crab Project founder Gabriela Bradt to create the sustainable whiskey.

The whiskey is distilled at 46 percent ABV and features a light aroma of crab on the nose, accompanied by bay leaves. Drinkers might notice notes of maple and vanilla as they sip the bourbon-based infused spirit. It also includes spicy elements such as coriander, clove, cinnamon, and allspice, according to the distillery’s website.

The small-batch distillery prides itself on sustainable innovations; on its website, Tamworth Distillery states that its “test kitchen serves as a hub for experiments and innovations that fuel our creativity.” Past creations include a whiskey selection created from beaver’s castor sacs.

This 200-milliliter bottle is available for $65 on the distillery’s website.