When it comes to planning ahead for the holidays, Costco has you covered. A recent drop of two annual Advent calendars offers a surprise for each day of December.

Wine Advent-ure and Brewer’s Advent Calendars recently hit shelves at the big-box grocery store chain. Both offer a bottle or can for each day of the month leading up to Dec. 24; in true Advent calendar fashion, each item is concealed in the package before opening that day’s box.

The beer-themed calendar features 24 16.9 ounce-cans of German and Austrian craft beer, according to a product listing by producer KALEA.

The company calls the brewer’s calendar a “cult item,” stating that they sell out quickly. Judging by the buzz it’s generated on social media — both good and bad — that seems a fair assessment.

The 24-bottle Wine Advent-ture offers a variety of wines, from red blends to Chardonnay to even a pink wine or two. Flying Blue Imports creates the holiday calendars, which include half-bottles of red, white, and rosé wines. It’s available exclusively at Costco stores.

“Starting December 1, open a new bottle each day to discover a new wine from any one of the world’s wine regions. Flying Blue Imports is dedicated to sharing the taste of the world’s wine, without the added expense that normally comes with estate-bottled wines,” the product’s online listing states. “Each bottle of wine is carefully selected from a renowned appellation to give you a taste of somewhere new.”

Each calendar entry includes a 375-milliliter bottle of vino; the Flying Blue Imports website also provides details and tasting notes on that day’s selection.

If sipping holiday drinks isn’t your thing, Costco also offers a countdown calendar of toys for your pooch, a variety of gourmet cheeses, and a jam-themed package.

Look forward to your daily surprise, or go ahead and take a peek at all the bottles and cans at once — we won’t tell.