Apparel brand 686 recently announced a new version of its “Sixer” jacket: The Coors Light Sixer.

The limited-edition winter garment features insulated cooler front and chest pockets, totaling 11 wearable koozies so you can have your beer and wear it, too — all while hitting the slopes.

In January, 686 released a similar limited-edition Sixer with Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Responses to the Coors Light jacket on 686’s Instagram have been mixed, but mostly positive: “take my money,” “so dope,” “found my new jacket,” and, “you gonna get me that for my bday?” being top comments.

(Well, @mattaharv, are you going to buy it for your pal @bdeuces? We hear he’s pretty rad!)

We’re still unsure why this jacket is called the Sixer, considering it allows the wearer to hold 11 beers in the pockets, plus one in the hand. (Also, why not go for that twelfth pocket and make it a full case? Life is full of mysteries.)

Whatever the case — this jacket is perfect for wearers who wish it to be “cold as the Rockies” outside, inside, and in between.