Pabst Brewing Company may be suffering when it comes to dollar sales (theirs decreased 9 percent in 2017), but the company is making up for it in a way we can definitely warm up to: a sweet jacket that’s also a personal beer cooler.

Called the Sixer (which is sort of a misnomer; the jacket stores enough beers to turn its wearer into a mobile 12-pack), the ski-jacket-slash-beer-cooler is a partnership between Pabst and winter apparel brand, 686. The latter cites such alliterative inspirations as “lapping lifts” and “fishing with friends” for the apparel item’s creation.

The wearable cooler can actually hold up to 11 beers in a series of pockets: six insulated cooler front pockets and chest pockets; four interior pockets that fit tallboy cans; and one bonus tallboy pocket on the inside chest. The twelfth can is in your hand, bro.

The Sixer retails for $230 and is available on We suggest taking this PBR can-shaped tent with you, too. You know, in case you can’t make it down the slopes after drinking 12 beers.