In the newest commercial for beer company Molson Coors, Kansas City Chiefs star quarterback Patrick Mahomes introduces viewers to The Coors Light. In a simple twist, he’s not referring to Coors Light beer but a Coors flashlight.

The steel flashlight, modeled after the light lager can, stars as the focus of the minute-long online commercial. It’s a stand-in for the company’s silver can, which apparently wasn’t permitted to appear alongside Mahomes.

“This summer, we tapped star quarterback Patrick Mahomes to be in a promo for Coors Light,” a narrator states at the start of the video. “Turns out, we overlooked the fact that he can’t actually promote Coors Light.”

The National Football League (NFL) has, historically, had a strict contract policy when it comes to active players promoting alcohol brands. However, in 2019, rules loosened a bit to allow players to choose endorsements. This came with its own set of regulations, of course.

While the press release and commercial was not clear on the tricky details of the Mahomes deal, it’s possible that Anheuser-Busch’s sponsorship with the NFL might have also come into play. While the beer giant dropped exclusive sponsorship rights for the Super Bowl earlier this year, sponsor contracts might still be complicated.

Enter Coors’ tongue-in-cheek strategy to promote the brand without, well, actually promoting the brand.


“It’s a legit flashlight. It’s made with high-quality steel, so it feels cold like the Rocky Mountains,” Mahomes states in the press release.

The novelty flashlight, batteries included, currently sells for $15 on the Coors Light website. All proceeds from the sale benefit 15 and the Mahomies, a charity that the Kansas City football player launched in 2019. Its initiatives, including a literacy program and volunteer push, primarily benefit youth in the Kansas City area.

While the website limits online orders to just one per person, the mini flashlight is currently sold out on the Molson Coors merch website. It will be restocked with a limited supply at 10 a.m. every day until July 15. It’s offered alongside other novelty items, including a beer pouch hoodie and shower beer holder.