Swapping special recipes usually indicates a strong sense of sharing, trust, and even friendship. In Colorado, a similar sense of collaboration is taking place on a massive scale in the brewing community.

According to The Denver Post, 125 breweries in the state are all brewing the same beer recipe for a benefit brew called Colorado Strong Pale Ale.

The project was co-created by the Colorado Brewers Guild and the Left Hand Brewing Foundation, in an effort to raise relief funds during the coronavirus pandemic. Breweries that participate in the relief project receive the Pale Ale recipe and all the necessary ingredients free of charge, thanks to Left Hand and the Brewers Guild.

Breweries can tweak the recipe for added creativity, and 20 percent of sales will go to the Colorado Strong Fund, which supports beer, healthcare, hospitality, and service industry workers impacted by Covid-19.

“When the beer comes out everywhere, everybody’s is going to be a tiny bit different,” Eric Kean, executive director of the Left Hand Brewing Foundation, told The Post. “If you’re into beer, this is an awesome opportunity. It’s a really cool way to experience what makes breweries unique.”