Fans of tequila know that the spirit is a staple ingredient of many cocktails, from a classic Margarita to the Paloma. But every so often, a tequila comes along that needs no supporting ingredients.

Such is the case for Código 1530’s latest launch, a 13-year-old extra añejo. The limited-edition product is priced at $3,300, and is considered to be one of the most expensive and oldest tequilas on the market.

Working with no additives and mature agave, the brand describes the flavor profile as sweet, with hints of cocoa powder and cinnamon. Notes of earthy peat follow, along with exotic spices developed while aging in Cabernet wine barrels.

After an initial maturation period, the tequila undergoes an additional six months in French Cognac casks. This allows for a “unique and distinguished taste,” Código co-founder Fredrico Vaughan said in a press release.

Each crystal glass bottle tells a story of the Extra Añejo and is handcrafted by artisans located in Amatitán. The box is contrived from locally sourced wood, with a clear sliding door and side panels. Laser etching along the box along with the inclusion of Código’s logo makes for a “show-stopping display.” And let’s be honest, you’d expect nothing less, given the price tag.

Codigo 1530 is releasing a 13-year-old, $3,300 extra añejo tequila
Photo credit: Código 1530

“We decided to produce a 13-year old because our Extra Añejo just keeps getting better and better over time… so we’ve kept resting longer than typically done, out of curiosity,” Código co-founder Ron Snyder said.

Only 350 bottles of 13-Year Añejo are being released globally starting Aug. 10. Bottles will be available through Código 1530’s website or in stores in select states.