Chrissy Teigen is a busy woman. The model, cookbook author, and fast food queen is truly a model citizen. Sometimes, she’s just like us — like on Sunday night, when she stayed home to watch the Grammys. What did she do instead of attending? A makeup tutorial, of course – all while sipping some wine.

While fellow celebrities took to the red carpet, Teigen opened up her wine cabinet and Instagram app to record a “not-going-to-the-Grammys makeup tutorial,” complete with “a couple” glasses of wine, USA Today reports.

(On Twitter, Teigen admitted it was four.)

Some of Teigen’s tips were to “put concealer all over your face … rub it in … make sure not to care too much,” and to find the right lashes. “I’m Asian, so I love Shiseido’s eyelash curler because they are kind of flat,” she said.

For those of us less versed in makeup application, Teigen’s story today might be more interesting — she cooks up sweet miso shishito peppers in her new wok, and examines the folds of her snoring bulldog’s sweet, wrinkly face. (Pretty sure that’s a lipstick stain on his forehead, too.)

What wine was she drinking during the Grammys? She didn’t say, but it could have been husband John Legend’s rosé, LVE.  Or, perhaps a bottle of Moët and Chandon, like the ones stocked in the Champagne vending machine she and Legend sent to Kris Jenner last year.

We also know she rocked a bracelet flask at the Emmys last year.

We love you, Chrissy.