The holidays are a time for joy and celebration, but are also a time that can bring about stress and anxiety. Whether it’s about getting the right gift, hosting a holiday party, or contending with obnoxious relatives, there’s bound to be a little stress during the holiday season. No wonder mom is having that extra glass of wine and dad is pouring an extra finger or two of bourbon.

Maybe there’s an odd aroma emanating from your brother’s old room. Perhaps you’re at your in-laws and you need a little extra anesthetic but don’t want to appear like a total drunk. Fortunately, there’s something subtle. These bracelet flasks are the perfect daddy’s or mommy’s little helper.

Subtle and sophisticated, these bracelet flasks are the most tacit way to slip a little extra liquor into that egg nog or hot apple cider. The bracelet flask holds one ounce of your favorite liquor and is the perfect solution for a situation where you need a little extra sedation. They’re made out of ceramic and come in turquoise, chrome, and white. They also make an excellent gift. The best part? They’re on sale right now!

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