The war on plastic bags is an entirely warranted one, but if there were ever a case to make an exception, Chili’s is presenting it.

The casual dining chain is offering gallon Margaritas, which come in handy to-go bags, for just $40 at select restaurants. Better still, to mark Chili’s birthday on Mar. 13, the Margs will only run you three Hamiltons. Talk about a steal.

Each gallon bag comes outfitted with a spout, so you can pour your drinks into salt-rimmed glasses with ease (and from the comfort of your home).

That’s not the only deal Chili’s is offering another to mark its day of origin. The chain’s signature Presidente Margaritas will also run at the discounted price of just $3.13 on Mar. 13.

Made with Sauza tequila, Patron Citrónge, and E&J Brandy, a quick scrounge around your local laundromat’s washing machines for loose change can definitely afford you a round of these. We’re not complaining.

Happy birthday, Chili’s, from the bottom of our hearts.