Whiskey giant Bulleit is barreling into the RTD space with the release of two large-scale bottled cocktails.

The Bulleit Crafted Cocktails clock in at 37.5% ABV and will feature two classic whiskey drinks, a Manhattan and Old Fashioned, in monochrome green and orange bottles, respectively. In contrast to many RTD front-runners that are offered in single-serving cans, Bulleit’s concoctions are available in 375mL and 750mL bottles which are more conducive to pouring than sipping.

Like their smaller-scale peers, the Bulleit Crafted Cocktails capitalize on a rise in at-home drinking driven in large part by the pandemic.

“With the rise of at-home entertainment over the past few years, from impromptu dinner parties to small watch parties or those ‘just because’ moments, Bulleit Crafted Cocktails allow both casual and experienced hosts to enjoy the company of friends while serving a premium cocktail experience,” the company shared in a press release.

The Old Fashioned takes Kentucky Straight Bourbon as its base, and pairs it with orange bitters and simple syrup. Straight Rye Whiskey is the spicier spirit of choice for the Manhattan, complemented by sweet vermouth and bitters. Bulleit recommends serving the cocktails neat or over ice, leaving the garnish to the drinker’s discretion. “Whether you’re the lemon twist type or an exactly three cherries type, the possibilities are endless,” Bulleit says in its press release.

The cocktails are available nationwide for $29.99.