This release isn’t expected to stay on shelves for long.

Buffalo Trace is introducing a peated bourbon as part of its popular Experimental Collection, according to an emailed April 27 press release. The new expression, Buffalo Trace Experimental Peated Bourbon, celebrates the 26th installment in the acclaimed whiskey series since its start in 2006.

The brand notes that while the collection is called “experimental,” there’s quite a bit of level research that goes into each release. The distilling team combines traditional production processes with innovative ingredients, mash bills, and barrel treatment to produce a unique expression. The star of this expression? Peat.

“The Experimental Collection is not about breaking the rules of bourbon; in fact, 95% of our experiments stay within the confines of traditional methods of making whiskey. We conduct this research to better understand the variables that affect our final flavor profiles,” master distiller Harlen Wheatley says in the release. “We were eager to experiment with peat to see how the grain influenced our mashbill from a recipe perspective. We anticipated it providing the perfect hint of smoke, just enough to compliment the sweet and spicy notes from the rye, and I’m happy to report our hypothesis was correct.”

The result is a smoked peated malt with a slightly smokey characteristic. It lands at 45 percent ABV with a nutty aroma with notes of leather. Mahogany, and cacao beans. On the palate, drinkers can expect light smoke, brown butter, and a sweet toffee finish.

“While common in Scotch and other global whisky categories, peated malt is an ingredient rarely found in American whiskey production,” the release states. “[Master distiller] Wheatley hypothesized that if the peat character shined through distillation as they anticipated, the smokey flavor would add an extra complexity to Buffalo Trace’s traditional rye bourbon mashbill, resulting in a spirit appealing to connoisseurs that appreciate a traditional — yet completely unique — sipping whiskey.”

The new expression will roll out in the United States in May 2023, as limited quantities of the 375-milliliter bottles will be available to select retailers and restaurants. Buffalo Trace Peated Bourbon will be sold at a suggested retail price of $46.99.

Best of luck to all the collectors trying to snatch a bottle of this bourbon — it’s expected to be a tough find!