Bud Light may have thought the odds of the Eagles winning the Super Bowl were so slim, offering the team and their fans all the post-game beer they’d need would be a safe bet. Now, the team is just a win away from free beer for the city of Philadelphia.

In its latest effort to live up to the Bud Light brand manifesto of “building friendships one beer at a time,” Bud Light has made a pint-sized promise to Philly football fans: If the Eagles win the Super Bowl, Bud Light will provide all the beer for the party.

Although it may sound like a generous gift, it’s a gamble: “Let’s make a bet. Win it all and the party is on us. Deal?” said Bud Light in a tweet in August. The tweet came after Lane Johnson, offensive tackle for the Philadelphia Eagles, said in August that if the Eagles won the Super Bowl, he’d be buying the beer. Turns out he may not have to.

To their credit, Bud Light is sticking to their promise, as vaguely proven in this statement to CBS Philly from a Bud Light spokesperson:

“Bud Light has not forgotten about our commitment to Lane Johnson, the Eagles and the city of Philadelphia. We will be sharing plans soon, but in the interest of not jinxing the team ahead of their upcoming games, we are not going to unveil any plans at this time. We wish the Eagles the best of luck this weekend.”

So far, they’ve gone as far as creating a “Philly, Philly” TV commercial, a play on Bud Light’s new and inexplicable catchphrase, “Dilly, Dilly.” Watch it here, and brace yourself for the next phase of this marketing campaign.