No matter your drink of choice, it’s bound to vary in price across the United States. Those who enjoy sipping Bud Light might even end up paying a $2 difference on each pint, depending on the location.

Untappd Insights, an industry-focused data platform, compiled on-premise data from all 50 states in search of the lowest-priced Bud Light brewskis. The company published a detailed map and pricing chart on Nov. 28, utilizing its newly-launched Untappd Insights Pricing Intelligence dashboard.

It analyzed the average price of a 16-ounce draft Bud Light in bars, restaurants, and taprooms in every state. The data was sourced from some 20,000 retail customers on Untappd for Business, according to the report.

Untappd Insights recently published a map of Bud Light prices by state.
Credit: Untappd Insights

Consumers can expect to pay an average of $4.19 for a draft beer in the U.S. — with some states skewing drastically higher or lower than others.

Tourist-friendly Las Vegas might serve customers the highest bill for a round of Bud Light. In Sin City, the average price for a pint hits $5.84 — the most expensive in the nation. The city’s inflated price tag drags up the state’s average to $5.60.

Several other states also hit well over $5, including Alaska ($5.50), Hawaii ($5.37), California ($5.16), and Arizona ($5.12).

On the other side of the scale, the American Northwest and Midwest feature an array of affordable drafts. The lowest-priced Bud Light pints are found in Montana ($3.44), West Virginia ($3.46), and Utah ($3.50).

Wondering if you’re paying above average at the local watering hole? The full state-by-state breakdown can be found on Untappd Insights’ Substack.