With the widespread availability of vaccinations, the United States is braced to return to some form of normalcy in the coming months.

Bud Light is celebrating the nation’s comeback with its promotion Bud Light Summer Stimmy, a faux stimulus program that is loaded with $10 million in prizes and giveaways. Some of the prizes include 100,000 tickets to sporting events, tickets to nationwide concerts, and first rounds of Bud Light at bars for adults of legal drinking age.

The Summer Stimmy proposal comes in the form of a hefty 100-page document written as satirical “legislation.” Those who read it will find hidden prizes and details about the promotion’s giveaways.

The program is flush with celebrity endorsements. The document itself includes proposals from pop culture icons like Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescot, esports athlete TimTheTatMan, and musician Post Malone. The beer brand has even hired comedian Sam Richardson to play the role of “Chief Bud Light Summer Stimmy Bill Reader” in a series of YouTube videos parodying C-Span footage. NFL star Rob Gronkowski joins him as Bud Light’s “Secretary of Summer.”

To make the promotion as realistic as possible, Bud Light will be mimicking the legislative process by asking fans to endorse the “stimmy” on social media outlets before it’s approved. Participants can sign up online to “endorse” the package. and will receive an email notification when more information becomes available.

It’s a good thing there are some things that everyone (no matter their affiliation) can enjoy — namely, an ice-cold can of beer and a summer of freebies.