Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad fame are the latest set of celebrities stepping into the liquor industry.

After much speculation that the two were working on a film sequel to the Breaking Bad series, Paul announced on Instagram that the pair have started a mezcal brand, Dos Hombres.

“We had the time of our lives while shooting Breaking Bad and truly built a very special bond,” Paul wrote in the post. “Knowing that we couldn’t share the screen for quite a while, our thoughts turned to a new project.”

What two hombres don’t get inspired to start a mezcal brand whilst dining at a New York sushi bar?

After a trip to Oaxaca, Mexico, the duo claim to have found the “perfect” mezcal. “It’s been a long and crazy journey and we couldn’t be happier to share this with you and the rest of the world,” Paul wrote.

The Internet’s response runs the gamut from disappointment to excitement.

Nickolaus Hines of the Matador Network very reasonably believes “people should make what they love,” but criticizes Paul and Cranston for not giving credit to those responsible for actually making the mezcal. “When what they love is a culturally significant product made in small local communities,” Hines writes, “respect has to be given where it’s due.”

Some Twitter users, including @buzzwhistle, criticized the lack of credit, writing “You found it and named it so of course it’s ‘yours’ now.”

Others were just upset because they expected a reunion movie, and got a mezcal brand instead.

Not everyone was upset, though. Some Twitter users said they have already bought the mezcal, or plan on it.

To get your hands on a bottle, the mezcal is currently available for order on the Dos Hombres website, and at various liquor stores in New York and California.