On Wednesday, The Bronx Brewery and Beer Kulture announced a new internship aimed to help BIPOC individuals enter the craft beer space.

The program offers a two month paid internship where applicants will train with The Bronx Brewery’s production team. The curriculum will revolve around the scientific and practical knowledge brewers need to launch their career, and culminate in aid for those hoping to find a position in the space.

Latiesha Cook, president and CEO of Beer Kulture, explained this opportunity will help bring new people into the industry. In an email press release she emphasized that Beer Kulture wants to address the barriers that often prevent BIPOC people from working in craft beer.

In partnership with BronxConnect, the applicant pool will also include recently incarcerated individuals from The Bronx and Harlem. Rev. Wendy Calderón-Payne, the executive director of BronxConnect said, “This internship program will serve as a powerful model for other employers both within the beer industry and beyond.”

The program will be partially funded by proceeds from The Bronx Brewery and Beer Kulture’s collaborative beer called “YERRRR.” Sales from the rice-based IPA will allow the inaugural intern to learn about brewhouse operations, cellar management, packaging, and warehouse management. The program will also educate the individual about recipe development, and be asked to write a recipe for the brewery’s Up and Comers limited-release series.

Anyone interested in applying can find a link here, and look forward to a rich, balanced education in the world of craft beer.