In April 2023, Sheffield, England resident John May challenged himself to drink 2,000 pints of beer in 200 days. The Brit finally accomplished his goal on Friday, polishing off his last pint at The Market Tavern in Atherstone, Warks, according to the SWNS Media Group.

May’s legendary pub crawl was inspired by a TikTok video of another user embarking on a quest to crush 1,000 pints of beer over the span of a year. 25-year-old May figured he could top that feat, and decided to document the progress of his own 2,000-pint mission on a spreadsheet and his TikTok account — which now boasts over 133,000 followers.

“I started off with 2,000 pints a year,” May told VICE of his original goal. “But then I went too quickly, so I shortened it to 200 days because it sounds good.” May claims that throughout the entire duration of his challenge, he miraculously never got a single hangover.

Consuming this amount of beer in such a short amount of time is obviously not something a doctor would recommend. According to the National Health Service of England’s website, men and women shouldn’t drink more than 14 units of alcohol (the equivalent to six pints of average-strength beer or 10 glasses of lower-strength wine) per week on a regular basis.

“I’ll go to the doctors after this and make sure all is O.K.,” May told SWNS. “Then I’ll take it a bit easier on the booze and live a little healthier.”

He’s also unperturbed by negative feedback he’s received online: “If you look at a video with 1.3 million views, I’d say about 75 percent of those comments are hate,” May says. “It used to get to me, but now I’ve realized they’re just jealous they can’t drink pints as well as I can.”