In the US we have a three-tier system that all but makes it impossible to run any sort of business around booze, but in Britain, they believe the pub, and people’s access to alcohol – those of legal age of course – is of vital importance, so Parliament has set up a fund to help people create community cooperatives to save their local pubs. We guess every country has different priorities…

Community Pubs Minister Kris Hopkins has today announced £50,000 of extra funding for the Plunkett Foundation which runs a telephone support line for communities who fear their pub might be under threat.

The community enterprise experts advise on how local people can set-up a cooperative to take over the running of their local pub.
“The Great British pub is a national treasure,” said Hopkins, “playing a crucial role at the heart of our communities, while providing thousands of jobs and boosting the economy by £21 billion a year. A lot of hard work has been put in by communities up and down the country to protect their beloved local from sell off and I am delighted we have passed this latest milestone of 500 pubs being afforded protection.”

Can you imagine if the US government created programs to help fund bars that were under threat of closure as a way to keep a community’s alcohol supply flowing under the guise that it strengthened the community? Instead, we fine wineries that tweet about a commercial wine tasting.