Brewers capitalizing on a bad-boy image is nothing new, but sometimes it goes to far – too far, even, for BrewDog.

BrewDog, based in Ellon, Scotland with locations around the world, pulled out of a partnership with Atlanta, Ga.-based  Scofflaw Brewing on Thursday when the U.S. brewer allegedly announced it would be offering free beer to U.K. Trump supporters as part of its U.K. launch with BrewDog.

The release, via Eater Atlanta, read:

Before this stunt, BrewDog and Scofflaw were a perfect match. BrewDog famously thrives off a reputation for being “punk” and “anti-establishment,” while Scofflaw refers to itself as “redneck brewery” that “does things their way.”

Scofflaw said of the partnership in August, “James [Watt] and I had just completed a hell of a huge collaboration beer and we decided we could take our synergies a little farther, so here we come…and our objective is simple…we’re coming over to showcase independent beer and redneck hospitality.”

In response to the press release, which was sent to various U.K. publications, Scofflaw posted an announcement on its Facebook page Thursday morning saying the brewery was not behind the announcement.

“We did not approve or release said message and we are working with our PR firm Frank. [sic] to fix this error,” the Facebook post reads. “This post was done on our behalf without our consent or knowledge. More details and official release to come.”

Scofflaw, named one of the best new breweries in America by several beer publications, has an odd way of showing affection. In an interview earlier this month on Cheers Charlotte Radio, Scofflaw COO, JP Watts spoke about slashing the tires of a car in a handicapped parking spot (presumably, the car did not belong to a disabled person). The brewery has also released beers with names such as “F*ck Arthritis” and “F*ck Cancer” as part of the company’s fundraising efforts.

Whether or not this announcement is real, we actually don’t think it’s such a bad idea to share a beer or two with Trump supporters. Beer is made for conversation, and there are several things worth talking about with those who support him.

** Update 9/28/2018: Scofflaw sent a statement to VinePair in which owner Matt Shirah says the PR agency, Frank., was acting entirely without Scofflaw’s approval. “This post is absolute nonsense,” Shirah writes. “While we definitely have country roots, no one at Scofflaw Brewing or those associated with our brand, is now or has ever been, rooted in hate. We do not tolerate hate — that’s just idiotic.”

The PR agency posted a similar statement on its Facebook page.