In 2013, BrewDog co-founders James Watt and Martin Dickie debuted their craft beer TV show Brew Dogs, on the now-defunct Esquire Network. During preparations for the show’s fourth season, however, things turned sour. “The suits got involved and canceled us,” BrewDog says.

Fans of Brew Dogs will be happy to hear there’s a rebooted version of the show, and it’s launching alongside over 100 hours of craft-beer content on BrewDogs very-own TV network.

Renamed the BrewDog Show, the series is available now on The BrewDog Network — a brand new on-demand video subscription service that merges Netflix and craft beer.

The BrewDog Network features other original productions like ‘Are You Smarter Than a Drunk Person?’, which pits the intellect of an average trivia competitor against an intoxicated MENSA genius. ‘Business Punks,’ meanwhile, sees BrewDog co-founder James Watt speak with “fellow business misfits who have clawed their way to success.”

For a sneak peek of these, and other BrewDog shows, teaser content can be viewed on Don’t worry, the mischievously-named domain is fully SFW, and was chosen because, “Craft beer has always turned us on,” BrewDog says.

To mark the occasion, the brewery is also releasing a one-off 5 percent ABV Pale Ale called Small Screen Hero.

For now, the network is only available via the web, though the brewery promises a soon-to-be-launched standalone app on iOS and Android. Subscriptions are priced at $4.99, on roughly one pint of beer, to those likely to sign up.