It seems that creators on TikTok are constantly innovating new life hacks. From cooking tips to makeup tricks, the platform offers endless inspiration for “hacking” your everyday life.

TikTok user @audreyorkild recently discovered a way to open a bottle in a pinch, as demonstrated in a recent video. In the post, a metal eyelash curler is used in lieu of a traditional bottle opener to pop open a bottle of Corona.


Eyelash curler is being so true rn

♬ original sound – Audrey 🍒🪩

She opens the curler and places the eyelash pad on top of the bottle’s cap (similar to how a person might place it on their eyelashes). The TikTok user then clamps down on the cap, angling the device as a lever on the rim. After a few tries (and a healthy amount of bubble overflow), she frees the cap and opens the beer.

Based on the video’s context, tagged location, and timing, it’s assumed that the video was filmed during a spring break trip to Miami Beach. “Eyelash curler is being so true rn,” the caption states.

The post currently has 42,800 likes and nearly 250 comments, as of publishing time on Thursday. Judging by the comments, it seems like Audrey’s friend isn’t the first one to think of this trick.

“And I thought I was innovative when I did this,” one user writes. Others grieve the loss of eyelash curlers to this party trick.

(It’s worth noting that this hack could cause the premature death of a beloved eyelash curler — so we wouldn’t recommend using your favorite curler to open Coronas.) Plastic versions are assumed to break more easily, so sticking to a sturdy metal curler seems to be the best bet.

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