Spring break celebrations in Miami might end a bit earlier this year.

On Tuesday, a Miami Beach judge approved an ordinance to limit alcohol service to the hours of 8 a.m.—2 a.m. in select parts of the South of Fifth neighborhood, according to a March 15 article by the BBC. The popular spring break destination previously had a 5 a.m. last call for nightclubs, bars, and other establishments.

The change stems from community complaints about noise and violence from raucous parties in late-night and early-morning hours. Miami Beach declared a state of emergency during spring break two years in a row due to related violence. Last year, the city implemented a mandatory midnight curfew, per NPR.

Amnesia International, the owner of Miami’s Story nightclub, argued that the move unfairly disrupted its business operations. The company applied for a temporary injunction to pause the city ordinance, which was denied on March 13.

City mayor Dan Gelber posted photos of the city ordinance document along with a brief statement on Twitter.

“This is a residential neighborhood that should not have to endure 24-hour nightclubs,” he writes in the post. “Hopefully we can begin enforcement very soon.”

The ordinance only applies to nightclubs, entertainment venues, and bars with more than a 100-person occupancy limit. Restaurants and small bars will still be permitted to sell alcohol until 5 a.m.

It appears that Miami Beach’s notorious all-night parties will soon be cut short.