Just when 2017 was about to go down as the year of booze-filled advent calendars, something else had to come in and top it: the whiskey, gin, and vodka filled Christmas tree ornament.

A distillery in the U.K. called Lakes Distillery is selling traditional round Christmas tree ornaments filled with alcohol. They’re sold individually or sold in a six pack, and each ornament holds 50 milliliters, or just over a shot. They come pre-filled with Lakes Distillery liquor, but they’re screw top, so taking a little sip before Santa gets to it is highly suggested.

Is there a more gorgeous looking ornament than an orb of amber-colored whiskey swinging from the tree? Negative. But having cats that like to play with Christmas trees becomes slightly more complicated. No one wants to waste good liquor, and anyone who has bumped into a tree knows how fragile ornaments can be.

Like many great Christmas drinking vessels, the booze-filled ornaments are only available in the U.K. People in the U.S. will have to satisfy their desires with home-made versions using fillable ball ornaments until a stateside distillery catches on.

h/t: Liquor.com