This house may not be for sale, but this wine is: Jon Bon Jovi and son, Jesse Bongiovi have released their own father-son rosé. The wine, called “Diving into Hampton Water” (or Hampton Water for short), is unsurprisingly inspired by their home in the Hamptons of New York.

To launch their own wine, the Bon Jovi boys hooked up with Gérard Bertrand, a French winemaker in the southern Languedoc-Roussillon region. They decided on rosé because apparently, the JBJ fam is all about it.

“It’s a favorite in our household because you can drink it starting with lunch and into the evening, and we enjoy lots of it whenever we travel,” Bon Jovi said in an interview with The New York Times.

As for the rosé’s flavor, according to the brand website, “All you have to know is it’s French, it tastes best when it’s cold, and you better buy an extra bottle because this stuff goes quick.” Fair enough.

Bottles will retail for $25 each.

We’re down for the Bon Jovi family bonding and all (rosé all day, we get it), but we kind of feel like they missed out on a few key co-branding opportunities here (Bed of Rosé, anyone?). Hopefully the Hampton Water line will continue with more wine varieties. In case they do, the VinePair staff has come up with a few names to get them started:

Just sayin’.