Hot on the heels of sustainable packaging announcements from beer brands including Guinness, Carlsberg, and Corona, drinkers can now get their hands on a biodegradable beverage cooler.

An innovative release from chest cooler brand Igloo, Recool replaces styrofoam with recycled paper pulp and something called Alkyl ketene dimer — “a natural binding and waxing agent,” according to Food & Wine.

With a 24-quart capacity, the cooler has room for about 20 12-ounce cans. Igloo claims the Recool can retain ice for up to 12 hours and remains water resistant for up to five days, despite being made of paper. The cooler also features carrying handles and a lid containing four drink holders.

And unlike foam coolers, Igloo says, Recool won’t chip or crack, nor does it make any annoying squeaking sounds when you’re on the go.

Just how much does this squeak-free, squeaky-clean (environmentally, at least) cooler cost? Recool is currently available online through REI for $9.95. According to Igloo, the cooler will be available nationwide by the beginning of summer 2019.

What’s cooler than being cool? Being eco-friendly and ice cold, that’s what.