Carlsberg Group, a global brewery based in Copenhagen, Denmark, announced the launch of the Snap Pack, a new sustainable packaging format that will reduce the company’s plastic use by up to 76 percent. The packaging is made with recyclable glue, and will replace the traditional plastic rings used to secure Carlsberg’s six-packs.

Carlsberg also announced three more packaging improvements on Thursday: Cradle-to-Cradle Certified silver ink to be used on bottle labels, improving their recyclability; a new coating on refillable glass bottles that will extend their lifespan; and new oxygen-removing caps that will keep beer fresher longer.

The Snap Pack and other innovations are all part of an ongoing effort to implement more sustainable practices at Carlsberg. The group’s sustainability program, “Together Towards ZERO,” aims to reach a zero carbon footprint and zero water waste. It also includes a “strategic partnership” with Plastic Change, a Danish environmental organization. Carlsberg also works with the WWF on sustainable issues.

Bo Øksnebjerg, secretary general in WWF Denmark, says the Snap Pack will eliminate 1,200 tons of plastic a year, the equivalent of 60 million plastic bags, Sky News reports.

Perhaps the best part of the announcement is this: To celebrate the launch, Carlsberg unveiled a Little Mermaid statue made entirely of its new Snap Pack cans, embodying its efforts to make things better down where it’s wetter, under the sea. We hope the celebration also featured a hot crustacean band.