Moët & Chandon was the official Champagne sponsor of this Sunday’s Golden Globes, but for some guests, those bubbles didn’t make the cut.

After avoiding the red carpet arrival, Beyoncé and Jay-Z turned up mid-way through the ceremony while Kate McKinnon was addressing the crowd. As the Carters waited to take their seats, the couple were pictured flanked by a bodyguard who was holding two bottles of Champagne.

LA Times reporter Amy Kaufman spotted the duo arriving and shared the photo on Twitter, asking, “Is their bodyguard carrying bottles of alc for them?”

They were, and the bottles in question were Armand de Brignac, a brand owned by none other than Jay-Z. In 2014, the rapper dropped an undisclosed amount (rumored to be $200 million) to acquire the brand, which is also referred to as “Ace of Spades” because of its logo.

Though bottles of the Champagne retail for $300 and upwards, the couple were happy to share the love (and bubbles) with fellow attendees.

On Monday morning, Reese Witherspoon shared photos on her Instagram story of herself, Jennifer Anniston, and Kristin Hahn drinking glasses of Armand de Brignac, along with the caption, “When Jay-Z gave us his #AceofSpade [sic] champagne, we were like 😻”

Credit: Reese Witherspoon/Instagram Story

Anniston later shared the same photo in her story and revealed how the trio came upon the glasses. “Reese!? This is one of the many reasons I love you,” she wrote. “We ran out of water at our table so naturally, she asked Jay Z and Beyoncé for a glass of their champagne 🥂”

Jennifer Anniston/Instagram Story

The Carters attended the awards ceremony with Beyoncé nominated for Best Original Song for her track “Spirit,” which featured in the 2019 remake of Disney’s “The Lion King.”

She ultimately missed out on the award, which went to Elton John, but at least we know she had expensive bubbles to drown her sorrows.