Kicking off on May 16th, National American Craft Beer Week is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to recognize and celebrate the achievements of small and independent breweries. The Brewer’s Association categorizes Craft Brewers as any brewer that is “small and independent,” while small breweries are defined as those whose annual production does not exceed 6 million barrels. Independent brewers are those for which less than 25 percent of the brewery is owned or controlled by an individual other than themselves in the beverage alcohol industry.

American craft beers have been brewed since the 1960s, but small and independent breweries have certainly risen in popularity over the last decade and a half. Today, there are over 9,000 craft breweries in the US alone, and while most Americans live within just 10 miles of their nearest craft brewery, many could still be questioning where to go this year to partake in the festivities. Luckily enough, Yelp has released a list of the best craft breweries in every single state to ensure that everyone will be able to enjoy a quality craft beer this year.

If you’re looking to find your new favorite brew this Craft Beer Week, or if you already have your favorite and you’re just looking to try something new — here are the best breweries in every state to help you on your journey.

Good People Brewing Co is the one of the best craft breweries in the United States (Alabama)
Good People Brewing Co. in Birmingham, Alabama. Image Sourced From Eat On The House.

Alabama (Birmingham) – Good People Brewing

Alaska (Juneau) – Devil’s Club Brewing

Arizona (Phoenix) – Front Pourch Brewing

Arkansas (Eureka Springs) – Gotahold Brewing

California (San Diego) – Home Brewing

Colorado (Breckenridge) – Broken Compass Brewing

Connecticut (Salem) – Fox Farm Brewing

Delaware (Milton) – Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

Florida (Islamorada) – Florida Keys Brewing

Variant Brewing Company is one of the best craft breweries in the United States (Georgia).
Variant Brewing in Roswell, Georgia. Image Sourced From Variant Brewing Company.

Georgia (Roswell) – Variant Brewing

Hawaii (Honolulu) – Stewbum & Stonewall Brewing Co.

Idaho (Coeur D’alene) – Daft Badger Brewing

Illinois (Chicago) – Begyle Brewing

Indiana (Indianapolis) – Guggman Haus Brewing Co.

Iowa (Dubuque) – Jubeck New World Brewing

Kansas (Wichita) – Central Standard Brewing

Kentucky (Lexington) – West Sixth Brewing

Louisiana (New Orleans) – Bywater Brew Pub

Maine (Portland) – Allagash Brewing Company

Streetcar 82 is one of the best craft breweries in the United States (Maryland).
Streetcar 82 Brewing in Hyattsville, Maryland Image Sourced From Streetcar 82 Brewing Co.

Maryland (Hyattsville) – Streetcar 82 Brewing

Massachusetts (Boston) – Samuel Adams Brewery

Michigan (Marquette) – Ore Dock Brewing Company

Minnesota (Moorhead) – Junkyard Brewing Company

Mississippi (Natchez) – Natchez Brewing Company

Missouri (Kansas City) – Rochester Brewing and Roasting Company

Montana (Whitefish) – Bonsai Brewing Project

Nebraska (North Platte) – Pals Brewing

Nevada (Reno) – IMBĪB Custom Brews

New Hampshire (Littleton) – Schilling Beer

Eclipse brewing is one of the best craft breweries in the United States (New Jersey)
Eclipse Brewing in Merchantville, New Jersey. Image Sourced From

New Jersey (Merchantville) – Eclipse Brewing

New Mexico (Truth or Consequences) – Truth or Consequences Brewing

New York (Brooklyn) – TALEA Beer

North Carolina (Fairview) – Whistle Hop Brewing Company

North Dakota (Fargo) – Dekker Brewing Company

Ohio (Cleveland) – Noble Beast Brewing

Oklahoma (Oklahoma City) – Stonecloud Brewing Company

Oregon (Bend) – Boneyard Beer

Pennsylvania (Braddock) – Brew Gentlemen

Rhode Island (Pawtucket) – Crooked Current Brewery

Low tide is one of the best craft breweries in the United States (South Carolina).
Low Tide Brewing in Johns Island, South Carolina. Image Sourced From Charleston Guru.

South Carolina (Johns Island) – Low Tide Brewing

South Dakota (Sioux Falls) – Remedy Brewing

Tennessee (Nashville) – Southern Grist Brewing

Texas (San Antonio) – Ranger Creek Brewing & Distilling

Utah (Salt Lake City) – Kiitos Brewing

Vermont (Stowe) – The Alchemist Brewery

Virginia (Stafford) – Barley Naked Brewing Company

Washington, D.C. – Other Half Brewing DC

Washington (Seattle) – Georgetown Brewing Company

West Virginia (Bruceton Mills) – Screech Owl Brewing

Wisconsin (Milwaukee) – Vennture Brew

Wyoming (Ten Sleep) – Ten Sleep Brewing Company

Ten sleep brewing is one of the best craft breweries in the United States.
Ten Sleep Brewing Company in Ten Sleep, Wyoming. Image Sourced From Ten Sleep Brewing Company on Facebook