A Minnesota man claims to have created the world’s first beer-powered motorcycle.

Ky Michaelson recently built a steam-powered motorcycle that runs on beer, according to local news network Fox9. The Bloomington, Minn. resident says the invention is a bit different from his previous projects, which include a rocket launched into space and a jet-powered coffee pot.

Michaelson told Fox9 how the technology works: the bike heats the liquid to create steam power instead of using traditional gasoline. To operate it, Michaelson fills the 14-gallon keg with liquid (most often beer) and heats it to 300 degrees. When he spots steam coming out of pipes in the back, the motorcycle is ready to run. This sharp boost of steam, theoretically, pushes the vehicle forward.

While Michaelson hasn’t yet taken his motorcycle for a spin, he claims that it could hit up to 150 miles per hour on the road. The inventor says that he isn’t a drinker, so he doesn’t mind using up any booze to fuel the motorcycle’s engine. He also notes that any kind of liquid can be used to fill the vehicle’s keg. He suggests using Red Bull, Caribou Coffee, or plain old water.

“The price of gas is getting up there,” Michaelson tells Fox9. “I can’t think of any [better way to use beer] than for fuel.” The unique choice of propellant makes this vehicle different from his other steam-powered inventions.

“One thing about this motorcycle is definitely different, and I like to be really creative. Do things that other people have never done in the past,” Michaelson tells Fox9.

Is this a genius concept or a waste of perfectly good beer? That’s for you to decide.