College football season is finally here, and that means tailgates. Barbecues and beer are typical, as are drinking games. Beer pong, cornhole, and the occasional shotgun get most of the attention, but there’s a new game in town that combines the best of beer pong, cornhole, and golf into one: Beer Pong Golf.

The game involves two cornhole boards, golf balls, and a pitching wedge (or a sand wedge depending on your style of play). But instead of the normal holes in the cornhole boards, there’s a beer pong pyramid of 10 Solo cups. The rules of the game are the same as beer pong: Players chip golf balls into the opposing player’s cups, and when a player sinks a shot, the opponent drinks the beer.

However, feel free to make your own house rules. If you’re playing doubles, you can play Hong Kong rules, also known as the double cherry. If both players hit the front cup on their first shots, six cups are removed from the opponent’s board and they get to swing again. If you’re past the days of Miller Lite and you’re pretending like you’ve grown up, you can opt to play Prosecco Pong to add a little style. And if chipping a golf ball into a Solo cup isn’t hard enough, you can always replace the board with a moving Roomba vacuum. But you may end up chasing golf balls around the parking lot.

Beer Pong Golf all started on Kickstarter, where it quickly raised more than $110,000.

The beer pong golf boards can be customized to represent your favorite college or professional team. Whether you’re in the Big Ten or the SEC, get ready for some burgers, dogs, and improving your short game.

h/t: Country Living