Drunk raccoons are terrorizing residences in Germany, according to a Tuesday report from the Telegraph that called the drunken animals a “plague” on the country. The already uninhibited animals have been seen breaking into local buildings and fueling up on food and booze — particularly beer — and destroying property.

Homeowners have reported thousands of euros worth of damage to their properties, as well as horrifying instances of raccoons eating their pets and fish. The rising numbers of raccoons wreaking havoc on civilians is leading many residents to become frustrated with the situation.

Raccoons are considered native to North America, and were introduced to Germany in the early 1900s. Known to be clever and highly adaptive, the raccoon population has soared in Germany, not only taking over rural areas but staking their claim in city centers like Berlin. As the invasive species continuously causes serious damage, many are calling for population control efforts, including Germany’s National Hunting Association.

This isn’t the first instance of raccoon alcohol abuse in Germany. In 2019, a tipsy raccoon was reported to be making a scene at a local Christmas market. While the animal’s drunken shenanigans seemed fun at the time, this more recent rampage proves there’s danger in numbers.