Wasted beer is always a misfortune, and may even be bad karma. When a whole truckload of beers goes down and is wasted in Germany, however, it might qualify as a tragedy.

This happened recently when a car rammed into a beer delivery truck on the autobahn, Germany’s speed-limit-free super highway. When the vehicles crashed into each other, the delivery truck careened into a guardrail, ripping open the truck’s tarp. As the tarp ruptured, 1,500 cases, or 30,000 bottles, of Paulener beer fell to their untimely demise on the pavement. Thankfully, neither driver suffered serious injuries, according to The Local. The normally busy highway suffered delays for hours, while clean up crews attempted to mop up all of the broken glass and spilled beer.

Oktoberfest ended a few weeks ago, and it’s hard to think of a more sensitive time for such a heartbreaking loss. Particularly in Germany, where beer is such a large part of the culture. Such a senseless loss of beer can only be met with indignation, and it’s not just Germany where this happens, as seen by Bud Light spill in July. Always remember to use your turn signals and check your blind spots when changing lanes. Hopefully, more careful driving will prevent such a catastrophic waste of beer from occurring again.