There’s the party foul of spilling a beer at the party, then there’s the party foul of spilling 42,100 pounds of beer out the back of your truck.

A semi-truck did the latter in the second week of July in Colorado after his brakes went out on a particularly tricky mountain road. No one was injured, but the world was down a whole lot of Bud Light and energy drinks. Some spilt things are worth crying over.

A woman from Durango, Colorado, named Rachel Smith caught the truck’s spill on camera after she smelled smoke and caught up.

“He was coming up on that first ramp, and I though, ‘No problem, he’ll hit that,” Smith told The Durango Herald, referring to the emergency truck ramps in place to stop runaway vehicles. “But he went right on by it.”

The 25-year-old driver managed to get on the second ramp he passed — which also happened to be the last ramp before the road, called Wolf Creek Pass, got really involved.

“He handled that truck like an absolute champ,” Smith told the Herald, adding that “the beer was just absolutely everywhere. It was pretty hilarious.”

Some may think that losing enough Bud Light and energy drinks to fuel all of the college dorm rooms in the U.S. for at least a week is funny, others may think it’s a sad loss. Still others might think it was a loss if it was some of Colorado’s delicious craft beer instead of light macro lager. No one, however, can deny that the world lost a lot of beer that day.