When craft beer lovers find out that their favorite brewery was bought up by a big beer conglomerate, they typically feel betrayed. That craft brewery that operated on a platform of independence, quality, and integrity sold out to an international company despite saying it never would.

You drain the bottles in your fridge and stop buying it at the bar. All that remains are the old craft beer t-shirts. Arrogant Brewing, which spun off from Stone Brewing Company in 2015, has a way for you to get rid of those t-shirts so you can move on to good beer again.

Arrogant Brewing is launching a revamp of its Fizzy Yellow Beer T-shirt Amnesty Program that allowed people to turn in their Big Beer t-shirts once they had discovered the blissful, magical world of craft beer. The brewery is taking a riff off of the old program, and has launched Unworthy Beer T-shirt Amnesty Month. Disillusioned beer drinkers can give their old beer t-shirts to Arrogant Brewing and will receive a t-shirt they can be proud to wear in return. Simply follow the mailing instructions on its website, and rid yourself of that brewery that used to have some allegiance to something.


Arrogant Brewing will send your old t-shirts to breweries that are owned by AB InBev, Heineken, and AB InBev itself to make your outrage and disappointment known. Or they may donate the t-shirts to those in need. Either way, you won’t have to deal with any more t-shirts that remind you of that former craft brewery. Arrogant Brewing isn’t the only organization fed up with the acquisition of independent craft breweries. The Brewers Association, which represents more than 4,000 craft breweries, launched a crowd funding campaign to raise $213 billion to buyout AB InBev. However, the Unworthy Beer T-shirt Amnesty Month program may be a more practical way to send Big Beer a message.