The tension between local beer and global beer knows no bounds. A London pub recently tweeted a response to a negative review that went viral.

Reason for the one-star rating: “No Stella.”

While any business has to deal with the unstoppable phenomenon of plebian reviews online, the bar and restaurant realm tends to get hit the hardest. Some take the high road and ignore their aggressors; some try to keep the peace by responding in a positive manner. Not the Antelope.

The Antelope, a small business that carries local brews at its Surbiton pub in southwest London, woke up to a scathing one-star review one morning thanks to what one person perceived as a lacking beer selection.

According to the reviewer, there were “too many local unknown beers to choose from once inside. No Stella, Kronenberg etc [sic] or any popular global beer.”

That’s not all. The next part is even better: Apparently, the bartender was “far too enthusiastic and excited” about the beer selection at the pub. (Also unimpressive: the “hippy/trendy” crowd.)

The dismayed Google user was polite enough to stay for a pint, but couldn’t hold back when given the chance to pop online. Ironically, the negative response to the Antelope’s locally-focused tap selection has only fed the fire of craft beer love in London.

All joking aside, there is a somber side to this story. This Google reviewer wanted a simple, mass-produced beer that didn’t require feeling feelings. We get it. However, the situation sheds light on another global problem: People are afraid of beer selections! VinePair is trying to change that. See? Beer is easy. If only the barman at the Antelope weren’t so darn enthusiastic, maybe he could have taught Mr. or Ms. Stella a thing or two.