The Definitive Timeline Of Craft Beer Acquisitions

Who owns what is a hot topic in craft beer. Independence is such a hallmark of industry identity that the Brewers Association, the largest representative body for craft beer, recently created a seal to designate which breweries are and are not independently owned.

Buyouts from big breweries get the most attention, but sales amongst independent breweries are also endemic.

VinePair analyzed brewery sales and acquisitions to create the most comprehensive timeline of craft brewery acquisitions available today.

We define craft using the Brewers Association's guidelines: The brewery produces 6 million barrels or less, is less than 25 percent owned or controlled by a large alcohol beverage company, and uses traditional brewing ingredients and methods.

Key To The Timeline

Green boxes mean another brewery or beer company purchased the craft brewery, while a grey box means a private equity or investment company purchased the brewery.

Breweries with a boot symbol were no longer considered craft at the time of the sale. The full pint symbol means the purchase was for the majority or controlling stake of the brewery, and the half-pint symbol means the purchase was for a minority stake of the brewery.